Bihaćka pivovara Plc. was founded in 1990.

At the very beginning, the brewery won over aficionados of this gold-yellow refreshing drink, produced under license and control of certified Czech experts, using the traditional production methods of superb "lager" beer. Our brewery is a modern factory thanks to, above all, the state of the art manufacturing technology, which ensures a high quality and distinctive characteristics of our products. This is confirmed by the highest ratings of the Institute of Quality Assurance of the European Union countries. The installed brewery capacity is 250,000 hl per year.

The company management has decided to continuously improve production by constantly investing in quality while developing new quality products in parallel.

Acknowledgments and awards are a confirmation of the correctness of brewery's strategy. Bihaćka pivovara Plc. is the Laureate of the 29th International Awards - 29th International Trophy for Quality Frankfurt 2001 - New Millennium Award, and 31st International Awards - International Trophy for Commercial Prestige, Madrid 2001 (31st International Award for Commercial Prestige - New Millennium Award).

On April 04, 2005, the renowned certification company DQS GmbH from Germany awarded the Bihaćka pivovara Plc. with a certificate DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000, certification number 317518 QM, and the same company on June 13, 2007 awarded the certificate of ISI 14001: 2004 with registration number 317518 UM.

These certificates confirm the fact that we have set up our organization and the entire business according to the requirements of quality standards, all in order to meet the demands and expectations of our customers and the modern market.

Aware of the fact that only a stable quality and environment system provide real prerequisites for quality products, we strive to make the system ever better with new knowledge and world-wide experiences.

The top quality of our products is ensured, above all, by perfectly pure natural spring water, “Lipa voda”, which is pumped via piping system from the Lipa voda spring located eight kilometres from our plant. This way, “Lipa voda” is distributed straight to your glasses in PET packs of 0.33l, 0.5l, 1.5l and 5l, and in 18.9l gallons. Thanks to “Lipa voda”, Bihaćka pivovara Plc. produces premium light matured Preminger beer, and traditional and slightly lighter beer, Unski Biser, which are packed in return and non-return bottles of 0.33l and 0.5l, in barrels of 30l and 50l, and in PET bottles of 2l.

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Bihaćka Pivovara PLC

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